Hariri meets with Mikati, agree on cooperating for sake of country
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Hariri meets with Mikati, agree on cooperating for sake of country
Thursday, Nov 03, 2016

NNA - Prime Minister Designate, Saad Hariri, met on Thursday with former PM Najib Mikati at his Beirut residence in the framework of consultations Hariri is carrying out with all former Premiers.


Hariri told the press following the meeting that despite the challenges facing the new era, he remained optimistic that the new administration would succeed.


"I have full confidence in President Michel Aoun, and that together we will walk this path," said Hariri, "we see that the country needs constant work, and God willing forming the Cabinet will happen quickly."


Hariri also thanked Mikati for his advice and support, asserting that everyone must cooperate in order to fend off the dangers facing Lebanon.



"We will be together always."


Mikati, in turn, said that since it was Hariri's will to do this difficult job, then he wished him luck.


"There are many responsibilities, commitments and major challenges facing Lebanon...during the meeting I expressed my opinion on all those matters," said Mikati, noting that he would not attend tomorrow's House deliberations.


"We spoke about the formation of a new Cabinet and the objectives required of it from the public budget to a new electoral law."


Mikati also asked Hariri to form a team to look into the cases of detained prisoners held over the incidents in Tripoli.


"Regardless of who is designated as Prime Minister, I will stand by him, because it is pivotal during these trying times that we unite together."


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