Aoun meets Mikati over government formation process, next meeting on Thursday

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received Prime Minister-designate, Najib Mikati, this afternoon at the Presidential Palace, and continued the discussion of forming a government.


“In our meeting today, the unfortunate security incidents that occurred yesterday took an important space. We hope that a final end will be achieved thanks to the efforts of the army and the security forces. The army commemoration day, presented to the Lebanese a gift of preserving security and it confirms day after day to be the protector of this homeland. Thank you to the army command, officers and individuals, and we know their suffering.

As for the government, I hoped that the conclusion of government formation would have been faster than what is happening, and that we would have presented the government lineup to the Lebanese before August 4. This date that constituted a horrible catastrophe in Lebanon that afflicted all the Lebanese, whether directly or indirectly.

We have to make the citizen feel, after a year of the absence of the state and the government, that there is a government and a state.

Today, we cannot blame the people and those impacted, because for a year, there was no state presence, and it was our duty and role to be by their side on the memory of August 4th. His Excellency the President has engagements tomorrow all day, and he needs to prepare for the donor conference on August 4th. For this reason we agreed to resume our meeting next Thursday.

Questions & Answers:

Answering a reporter question, PM- designate said: “The Lebanese are tired of the talk on shares and quotas, as if we are talking about furnished apartments that everyone wants to grab. The country needs rescue, either we all rise above all considerations, or else we will all remain in our places.

I set out in my mission from the principle of preserving the same sectarian distribution that was adopted in the previous government, in order to avoid any new dispute. I did not start not from a sectarian principle, because the Lebanese no longer want to hear about quotas and sects, but rather want a government that does not cause additional frustration”.

In reply to another question, PM Mikati said: “I repeat that every one has his personality and certain starting points in any approach taken. I am Najib Mikati, and there are issues on which I agree with Prime Minister Hariri, and there are issues on which we may disagree, but what unites us is patriotism and love of the country.

For me, the time limit is not open, and whoever wants to understand should understand”.

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