Mikati from Dar ElFatwa: Premiership vacuum not permissible, my candidacy currently out of question

Mikati encourages Hariri to adopt modern electoral law
Monday, Jan 09, 2017

NNA - Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, told his visitors on Monday that the true path to reform and change is a new electoral law based on absolute proportionality, urging PM Saad Hariri to adopt a modern law that offers true representation and does not eliminate anyone.

Mikati negated Hariri's statement that proportionality was a complicated matter, dubbing it an "inaccurate declaration."

"The matter requires a few training workshops for the concerned administrative apparatus and awareness campaigns for voters," explained Mikati.

"Premier Hariri, who declared earlier that all he has done was a sacrifice for the country, is invited today to complete this sacrifice and accept a contemporary electoral law."

Turning to the visit of President Michel Aoun to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mikati said it was a positive step, and hoped it would have a positive impact on Lebanon's relations with its Arab brethren.

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