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Mikati says new electoral law generates political variety
Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017

NNA - Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said on Wednesday that the new electoral law would come out with the much-sought political variety in Lebanon, not to mention be an added value to the country's political performance.

Mikati explained that the new electoral bill was derived from a draft law that had been referred by his cabinet to the Council of Ministers back in 2012.

"We hope that the forthcoming elections, which will be held based on the new electoral law, will bring about a harmonious work team which we can easily cooperate with," Mikati said in a word he gave at Al-Azm institutions' annual suhoor in Tripoli.

However, Mikati did not sound pleased about the "distortion" that has been made to some of the law items.

"I will not delve into all the technical details (...) but I really hope that the new law will prove to be a major step towards political reform and the birth of a new political team that is up to the people's wishes and aspirations," he added.

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