Mikati from Dar ElFatwa: Premiership vacuum not permissible, my candidacy currently out of question

Mikati fears prolongation of government formation crisis
Thursday, Nov 15, 2018

NNA - Former Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Thursday voiced fear that the government formation crisis would be prolonged due to political positions that had "hurdled the mission of the PM-designate and dissipated the positive climate that has recently prevailed."

"Disagreement over ministerial shares must not obstruct the formation process, especially in light of the fresh press conference of PM-designate Saad Hariri, whereby he held onto his constitutional powers," Mikati said to his visitors in Tripoli.

"The PM-designate in entitled to choosing the work team in the government in agreement with the President of the republic," he added.

In response to a question, Mikati said that the minister who would represent the "Independent Centrist Bloc" would extend his hands to everybody and would be concerned with the reform projects.

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