Mikati names Mustapha Adib for premiership

NNA - Former prime minister Najib Mikati has named Mustapha Adib to form the new government.

President Aoun had started the binding parliamentary consultations at Baabda Palace by meeting with Ex-PM Najib Mikati, who said after the meeting: “I had the honor to meet His Excellency the President within the framework of the binding parliamentary consultations, especially after the great disaster that occurred on August 4, we are all aware of this matter and we know that a single person cannot get out, as the old saying goes, from the well. The situation is very difficult and we have many challenges and we want to be all one hand. But in the end, we have today, options, and I called Dr. Mustafa Adib, Lebanon’s ambassador in Berlin, to carry out a mission to be at the head of a working group and head of the government, so that this team, along with its competent ministers, would be able to do the required work in this very difficult stage. A single person cannot be alone and face all difficulties, but if the work team is fully integrated and in harmony with each other and includes specialists, then we can prepare the Lebanese, at that time, with a promising future".

In response to a question, he replied, I spoke with His Excellency the President also about the fact that time has a great price, and it is enough wasting the opportunities. A person has been chosen and I hope that the government will be formed as soon as possible.  The president who will be appointed, who I hope will be Dr. Mustafa Adeeb, will then consult with the parliamentary blocs to form the government and present the formation to His Excellency the President.

Question: Will the government be a government of national unity because once Dr. Adib is chosen, this means that it is not political?  He replied: We chose Dr. Adib in order to be a message that we want a government and to allow the political work for politicians. We have basic daily reforms in the country, do we want to confront it or not?  Do we face it by saying, gossip, social communication, or with serious work?  This is what is needed nowadays.

In response to a question about who proposed Adib’s name, he replied that in our meetings as former heads of government, we reviewed a large number of names and found that they all have the capabilities to be at this stage.  We have kept the discussions in these meetings confidential throughout this week. He is close to me and I have the honor to do so, but the one who put forward the name is Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

Former PMs call for an international or Arab investigation committee

NNA - Former Prime Ministers Najib Mikati, Fouad Siniora, Saad Hariri and Tammam Salam held a meeting today at the Center House during which they discussed the developments in the country, notably the disastrous explosion that occurred at Beirut Port and killed more than one hundred martyrs, wounded more than four thousand citizens and afflicted tens of thousands.

The Former Prime Ministers issued a statement read by Premier Fouad Siniora:

The former prime ministers extend their heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs, hoping that God Almighty will have mercy on their souls, heal the wounded and help all those afflicted by the terrible and unprecedented explosion that hit Beirut.

The steadfast city of Beirut that has been suffering for more than four decades from endless chains of destruction and abuse is hit by a catastrophe, which could have been avoided if it was not for the absence of leadership, insight, and will. This had led earlier to a major breakdown in the confidence of the Lebanese people in the government and the Mandate, as well as the trust of the Arab and international communities in them.

If official security and civil services have been present in the port without being aware of these terrible dangers, it is necessary to hold accountable all those who did not take administrative and judicial measures that could have prevented this catastrophe.

Therefore, the former Prime Ministers find it necessary to ask the United Nations or the Arab League to form an international or Arab investigation committee composed of judges and investigators who are professional and impartial to start their duties in uncovering the circumstances and causes of the catastrophe that occurred in Lebanon.

At the same time, the former Prime Ministers call on all the services in the port to work together to preserve the scene of the crime and to ensure that it is not tampered with.

Dear Lebanese and Beirutis, it is true that the calamity is great and enormous, and it has affected most of the inhabitants and houses of the capital, but the will of its people and the will of the Lebanese will not be broken. It is our duty to ensure solidarity and hard work, particularly in light of the clear facts and transparent results of the investigations, to uncover the direct and indirect responsible of this catastrophe, which occurred under the eyes of the Lebanese official agencies present in the Port.

The gravity of the situation requires everyone to look forward with unrelenting confidence and determination and a will to rebuild what was destroyed and damaged in order to advance our city and our capital. Therefore, we tell our people in Beirut and all the Lebanese, all the brothers and friends in the Arab world and the world, that Beirut, the capital that you love, is calling you and crying out to you. It needs you and your help in order to return and stand as the pearl of the Arab capitals, the city of glory and a symbol of the state that is keen to impose its full authority on all its facilities and areas.


Mikati, Siniora and Salam: Forming a government that enjoys the confidence of all Lebanese is the necessary doorway to crossing over from the state of total collapse
Saturday, Mar 20, 2021

NNA - Former Prime Ministers Najib Mikati, Fouad Siniora and Tammam Salam held a meeting this afternoon, during which they discussed the current prevailing situation in the country.

In an issued statement following the their encounter, they expressed "regret for the method adopted by His Excellency the President of the Republic, who is the head of the state and the symbol of the nation's unity as stipulated by the constitution, in addressing the prime minister commissioned with forming the government through a televised statement...especially at a time when the country is going through a fateful crisis that has become threatening to the entity and the state, which requires hastening to lift the ban on forming the future government through abiding by the rules and foundations that the Lebanese have called for during their uprising of October 17, 2019...as well as the French initiative's demand for a rescue mission government of independent, non-partisan specialists."

On the other hand, the former PMs praised in their statement "the spirit of high responsibility in suppressing any rage demonstrated by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, which he showed with grace and poise, towards the repeated attempts to drag him into quarrels and media disputes that could have destroyed the last remaining credibility of the tumbling-down state."

They stressed that the Lebanese Constitution should be adhered to the core by all sides, particularly by the head of State who is entrusted with ensuring that the Constitution is well-respected and not violated.

The former Prime Ministers concluded their statement by emphasizing their belief that "forming a government that enjoys the confidence of all the Lebanese people is the central task that must be adhered to, and it is the necessary doorway to cross from a state of total collapse to the beginning of stability through which the cabinet begins to restore confidence in itself and in the Lebanese state, by the people and the brotherly and friendly countries of Lebanon."

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