Mikati from Elysee says determined to implement necessary reforms, hold elections in spring

NNA - In a joint press conference at the Elysee Palace with French President, Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, affirmed on Friday his government’s determination to swiftly implement all the necessary reforms.

“France has been and still is Lebanon’s permanent and steadfast ally. I’ve had the great honor and pleasure of meeting with President Macron to discuss an array of issues of great importance to both of our countries,” Mikati said in a word he gave during the press conference.

“Recently, Lebanon has been experiencing a series of crises that have bogged it down in an unprecedented state of distress. However, all throughout this ordeal, Mr. President [Macron], you have always been by our side,” Mikati added, deeming this support of particular importance “because France represents the heart of the international community made up of our Arab brothers and our friends across the world.”

Mikati went on to explain that his meeting with Macron had been an opportunity to express his determination to swiftly implement all the necessary reforms, in cooperation with the Lebanese government and with the support of Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, as well as that of the House of Parliament, “to restore confidence, spread a new breath of hope, and alleviate the sufferings of the Lebanese people.”

“These measures will be decisive in reviving the nation’s economy, in pursuing promising negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, and in kick starting an end to the crisis. I am confident that we can count on France's support in these negotiations,” Mikati added.

Most importantly, Mikati said that he had also assured President Macron of the government's determination to hold parliamentary elections next spring, hoping that this will pave the way for a new political life that the Lebanese people long for.

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Mikati: We look forward to resuming government sessions as soon as possible
Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021

NNA - Prime Minister Najib Mikati affirmed his looking forward to "resuming the cabinet sessions as soon as possible to issue the decisions required to activate the work of bodies and committees and accomplish what is required of the government, based on the contents of its ministerial statement."

He stressed that "we look ahead for a government that is honest in supervising the upcoming parliamentary elections, so that it will be an opportunity for all Lebanese segments to freely and impartially express their aspirations and opinions, so that these elections will be a station for renewing political life and the transfer of power."

"I am certain, in this exceptional circumstance, that getting out of the accumulated crises will pass through supporting the public administration, immunizing it against corruption, and concentrating efforts to activate its performance and raise the level of transparency in its practices," Mikati affirmed.

He said that "with regard to the formation of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, we have taken practical steps to activate it, starting with the election of judges Claude Karam and Therese Allawi, provided that the government works in the first session of the Council of Ministers to complete the appointment of other members after the nominations are completed."

Mikati made these remarks during his patronage of the "conference towards reform and recovery: Implementing the national strategy to combat corruption" organized by the Ministry of State for Administrative Development in partnership with the United Nations Development Program. The conference was attended by high-ranking officials and dignitaries.

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