Mikati: Ainata’s massacre will not go unpunished
Sunday, Nov 05, 2023

NNA - Prime Minister Najib Mikati issued the following statement this evening: "The Israeli enemy’s targeting of civilians in its aggression against Lebanon, causing the martyrdom of four people, including three children, in the south tonight, and the wounding of others by drone fire, is a heinous crime added to the record of the occupation’s crimes.”

He added: "This crime is at the disposal of those who demand calm and overlook the crimes committed by the occupation against Lebanon. This crime is a new stain on the global conscience that condones what the Israeli occupation is doing in southern Lebanon and Gaza."

Mikati continued, "This heinous crime will not go unpunished, and will be under follow-up by the government, through international communications, and also by submitting an urgent complaint against the Israeli enemy to the UN Security Council."

The Prime Minister underlined that the "resolution states in the Security Council are required to return to implementing the United Nations Charter and take action to curb the attacks and save what remains of humanity and justice so that these complaints do not remain a dead letter."

"May God have mercy on the martyrs,” he concluded.

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